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Carburetor BVF 20KNB1-2 for Pitty and SR56 regenerated

Used, regenerated part
OrderNo.: 20KNB1-2.r
PartNo. IWL: NB20-2

Regenerated Carburetor with new nozzles, jet holder, jet needle / partial load, slide. In exchange for a regenerable 20KNB1-2 carburetor. (deposit 45,-€)
With BVF data sheet

128,23 €
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Motor IWL SR56 Wiesel regenerating

Used, regenerated part
OrderNo.: 01-48.098.r
PartNo. MZ: 01-848.98-0 01-48.098

Major overhaul of the engine Price includes: - crank shaft: regeneration and rebuild needle bearing - cylinder: grinding - piston: replacement - newoil seals, ball bearings, gaskets - working hours, including: analyzing, cleaning, appraising, assembling price does not include: - parts that cannot be repaired - - for example: - damaged winding for exhaust manifold, - damaged bearing seats - damaged gear wheels - damaged clutch and so on That will be counted separately.

770,08 €
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Set for carburetor repairs 20KNB1-1 20KNB1-2 RT 125/1 125/2 Pitty Wiesel

Genuine spare
OrderNo.: D20KNB1-1
PartNo. IWL: NB20-2

1x D0059 Jet needle / partial load, Nr.: 2
1x D2060-67 Jet holder 67
1x D1091-80 Main Jet 80
1x D2045-40 Pilot jet 40
1x D0072 Float needle big
1x D2050 Gasket for Insertion AWO/S, ES, IWL 24-27mm
1x D0050 Seal ring 6,5x10x0,5
1x D0054 Seal ring 18x22x1
1x D0115 Seal ring 11x14x0,5

21,54 €
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