Lost Places - GERMAN

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Germany's forgotten places

Lost places are buildings and places whose existence and original use have been forgotten. You have to know about them, track them down and find them. They are uninhabited, appear ghostly and nature has long been in the process of reclaiming it's territory - its former splendor is doomed to decay. However, their existence is still documented in these impressive images and descriptions. The principle when exploring these places: “Take nothing with you – except your pictures. Leave nothing - except your footprints!

- unique and professional photographs

- exciting texts about the former buildings and their history

- Portrait of 12 ghostly places

With unique photographs and exciting texts about the history of these places, the two authors give them a worthy platform and snatch them from oblivion: an old manufacturer's villa, a VEB press plant, a special children's home for difficult children, an old sanatorium, an abandoned village, an NVA -Convalescent home, a military training area and much more. Go on a journey of discovery to Germany's forgotten places with this book.

Thor Larsson Lundberg and Mike Vogler: Lost Places - Germany's forgotten places. (08/2017)

176 pages, numerous photos, 240 x 285 mm, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-95843-573-5
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