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Electronic pulse generator 8901.2 12V 170W

Genuine spare
OrderNo.: 7881223
PartNo. ZAK: 1366542305900054

For 21 watts indicator unit of fire brigade, police i.a.

output 170 Watt
voltage 12 Volt
idno. 8901.2
Apadted for:
Emergency vehicles with warning beacons from Ruhla or FER and Martinshorn (siren).
Barkas B 1000
IWL L 60
IWL W 50
Robur Ld
Robur Lo
Wartburg 353
Wartburg 1.3

34,12 €
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Mount tubes for single seats on TS 250,TS 250/1,ETZ 125,150,251 SET

OrderNo.: GS-931
PartNo. MZ: 22-31.016

Until now you needed a special frame of those models to mount the seats on your vehicle. We designed universal tubes, in accordance to the mounting tubes of ETZ, for TS 250 and ETZ 251. With these specially designed tubes you can now mount the single seats of ETZ 250 on TS 250, TS 250/1 and ETZ 251.

38,02 €
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Support for jerrycan

OrderNo.: 30-38.320-2
PartNo. MZ: 30-38.320

121,85 €
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Calendar MZ girls 2021

OrderNo.: 978-3-96664-082-4

12 erotic photographs with cult motorcycles from Zschopau.
Aesthetic erotic photography calendar 2021 by photographer Frank Lutzebäck.

16,56 €
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Foam core for single seat MZ

OrderNo.: GS-908
PartNo. MZ: 16-31.100 16-31.050 05-27.117 05-27.027 05-27.028 30-31.310 30-31.325

For older versions as well, instead of steel springs

23,40 €
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MZ ETZ 250/A

OrderNo.: L514
PartNo. MZ: 80-80.070

instruction manual, copy

8,00 €
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Set for single seat base panels ES, TS

OrderNo.: GS930
PartNo. MZ: 16-31.100 16-31.050 05-27.117 05-27.027 05-27.028 30-31.310 30-31.325

Set with holders and rubbers for single seat
4x metal holders, 8x rubbers

14,52 €
in stock