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Electronic pulse generator 8901.2 12V 170W

Genuine spare
OrderNo.: 7881223
PartNo. ZAK: 1366542305900054

Electronic pulse generator for 21 watt indicator system used by fire departments, police, etc.

Power 170 watts
Voltage 12 volts
ID no. 8901.2
Suitable for:
Emergency vehicles with rotating lights from Ruhla or FER and Martinshorn.
Barkas B 1000
IWL L 60
IWL W 50
Robur Ld
Robur Lo
Wartburg 353
Wartburg 1.3
GDR production.

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Mount tubes for single seats on TS 250,TS 250/1,ETZ 125,150,251 SET

OrderNo.: GS-931
PartNo. MZ: 22-31.016

Until now you needed a special frame of those models to mount the seats on your vehicle. We designed universal tubes, in accordance to the mounting tubes of ETZ, for TS 250 and ETZ 251. With these specially designed tubes you can now mount the single seats of ETZ 250 on TS 250, TS 250/1 and ETZ 251.

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Calendar MZ girls 2022

OrderNo.: 978-3-96664-308-5

12 erotic photographs with cult motorcycles from Zschopau.
Aesthetic erotic photography calendar 2022 by photographer Frank Lutzebäck.

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Foam core for single seat MZ

OrderNo.: GS-908
PartNo. MZ: 16-31.100 16-31.050 05-27.117 05-27.027 05-27.028 30-31.310 30-31.325

For older versions as well, instead of steel springs

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Lost Places - GERMAN

OrderNo.: 978-3-95843-573-5

Germany's forgotten places

Lost places are buildings and places whose existence and original use have been forgotten. You have to know about them, track them down and find them. They are uninhabited, appear ghostly and nature has long been in the process of reclaiming it's territory - its former splendor is doomed to decay. However, their existence is still documented in these impressive images and descriptions. The principle when exploring these places: “Take nothing with you – except your pictures. Leave nothing - except your footprints!

- unique and professional photographs
- exciting texts about the former buildings and their history
- Portrait of 12 ghostly places

With unique photographs and exciting texts about the history of these places, the two authors give them a worthy platform and snatch them from oblivion: an old manufacturer's villa, a VEB press plant, a special children's home for difficult children, an old sanatorium, an abandoned village, an NVA -Convalescent home, a military training area and much more. Go on a journey of discovery to Germany's forgotten places with this book.

Thor Larsson Lundberg and Mike Vogler: Lost Places - Germany's forgotten places. (08/2017)

176 pages, numerous photos, 240 x 285 mm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95843-573-5

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Motorcycle Oldtimer catalogue No. 14 - GERMAN

OrderNo.: 978-3-96664-197-5

Complete Overview of the Motorcycle Market

From Adler to Zündapp: you will find them all in the vintage motorcycle catalogue. Not only hundreds of classic motorcycles, but also popular youngtimers as well as popular mopeds built up to 1995. The new edition has been completely revised, updated and provided with new image material. In this catalog you will find almost every model from Classic Data with details of the most important technical data and the current market prices.

essential for dealers, buyers and insurers
New: With informative service part
almost complete: contains almost all motorcycle models
the current and official collector's prices from Classic Data

Europe's largest market leader.
280 pages
550 mostly color illustrations
210 x 297 mm, paperback

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MZ ETZ 250/A

OrderNo.: L514
PartNo. MZ: 80-80.070

instruction manual, copy

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Set for single seat base panels ES, TS

OrderNo.: GS930
PartNo. MZ: 16-31.100 16-31.050 05-27.117 05-27.027 05-27.028 30-31.310 30-31.325

Set with holders and rubbers for single seat
4x metal holders, 8x rubbers

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So fuhren wir in der DDR - That's how we drove in the GDR - GERMAN

OrderNo.: 978-3-96664-135-7

On the road in the GDR with Trabi, Barkas and Co

This book is pure nostalgia! In this unique volume about GDR road traffic, we have brought together everything that was on the roads of the GDR: the Trabis and Wartburgs, Skodas and Ladas, the Barkas and Roburs - and even the camper vans, with which many GDR citizens spent their holiday time.

- GDR road traffic in full color original photos
- Plenty of nostalgia to browse
- all cars and commercial vehicles of the GDR

Matthias Röcke, born in 1950, is a trained newspaper editor and has been self-employed since 1988. He has been interested in cars since he could walk. Many of his successful books have been published by HEEL Verlag, primarily on automobiles in the GDR and on commercial vehicles. Röcke lives with his family in Sinzig am Rhein.

Matthias Röcke: That's how we drove in the GDR. Trabi, Barkas and Co. – on the move with cars, trucks and buses

256 pages, 222 x 275 mm, numerous illustrations, bound
ISBN 978-3-96664-135-7

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The GDR Bucket List - GERMAN - Die DDR Bucket List - 100 Dinge, die Ostalgiker heute noch erleben können

OrderNo.: 978-3-96664-300-9

With great attention to detail, acclaimed author Matthias Röcke has put together the ultimate list of experiences for people suffering from Ostalgics. Not just memories - experiences are planned here: what about a trip to the not yet restored part of the Prora residential complex? Who has ever read through a greeting from the SED district leadership? And who rises to the challenge of preparing a cup of "West coffee" in the GDR coffee machine AKA 109 and serving it in the iconic Mitropa crockery? Also, something for connoisseurs and those interested in culture: drive through all the new federal states with a Schwalbe. This very entertaining book offers a good insight into everyday life in the GDR at that time and shows what is still preserved and can be experienced today.

the DDR bucket list. all that's left
authentic to-do list for comrades
plenty of space for entries, photos, tickets, etc.

Matthias Rocke: The GDR Bucket List. 100 things that Ostalgics can still experience today.

160 pages
numerous color photos

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